For our end of year show the Foundation students have each selected a photograph of their art work from any unit to use in the catalogue for our final show. I have selected one of my weaves as the photograph. This will be seen by any person who enters the show and collects a catalogue therefore it had to be printed professionally and had to be a good quality image. One of my friends James kindly took the photograph for me and this is the image I have decided to use. I thought with it being an element of my final piece it will connect the two together. Additionally I have now added wire and structured the weave a lot more.

Screen Shot 2017-06-01 at 15.21.06



For the majority of the project I have had to pay very little. But the spends I have made I have kept all receipts in the back of my sketchbook. The things I have paid for have just been materials and the cost of wood for my plinths which were essential for me making the final piece I had planned.


MDF wood – £ 30.00

Muslin fabric 1 metre – £ 2.00

Instant Prints – £5.32

World of Wool ( felt ) – £59.94

Perran yarns – £12.40


TOTAL : £ 109.66

Festival of Making


10 min 54 into the video is the slot for my outfits I contributed to the festival of making.

For the festival of making the fashion and textiles pathway had a 20 minute runway slot. This involved me completing 3 outfits which would fit my theme of bold prints and wearable high street. This is an add on project to my Final Major and will not be my final piece. I wanted to be involved in the festival of making as it was such a great opportunity to get my work noticed and utilize the skills I have learned over the year.

As a result of it being advertised on social media and the radio there was a good turn out on the day. Subsequently as a result of me posting my work on my professional instagram “evelyn.creates: I got likes of fashion brands and “lazerian studio” who is a designer and maker and did the Chromatogram 3d visual representation of the art of manufacturing cardboard boxes at the festival of making.

On his instagram account he has 14.5k followers so this reached a broader audience. Additionally, to this the art director “Ylissa” from Vogue Paris liked my image. Using hashtags such as #festivalofmaking #design #surfacepattern.

To check out my instagram page where I post highlights of my work search : evelyn.creates

The only pieces I had made was the screen printed top, as a result I had to make a plain top to go with my digital printed skirt plus pants and a dress and accessories of digitally printed belts to tie all 3 pieces together.

I already had the design for my digital print using fabric provided by college and using a pattern I cut the pants and then used the over locker to construct. At this stage I was unsure on the size of the model so I added elastic to the pants and skirt so that they would fit any size. Due to making garments being relatively time consuming I have had to plan a few days to make and construct this time has been allocated wisely and I will have to begin to create my final piece along side in order to finish for my deadline on the 15/05/17.

In order to plan the show effectively we had to find models. My models all study at Blackburn college I had to negotiate for them to be at King Georges Hall on the 6th of May at 9 ready to practice and get hair and make up done. Previously to this we had all done a walk through in the week to see the space and to understand the timings of the show. The Windsor suite is a perfect size back stage was really accessible.

To keep to the runway look hair and make up was all done identically which made the photos look really good.

If I had more time I would have finished the garments of to a higher standard by not leaving raw edges and making hems but after watching “inside Dior” it outlines that clothing for the runway is often manipulated pinned to the model and sometimes even the model is stitched into the outfit. This highlights that the runway is about the impact which I felt my outfits had.

Festival Of Making

A really exciting opportunity has arisen the festival of making on Saturday the 6th of may are having a fashion show, each student who wants to show some of their garment collection can show 3 outfits. From previous work I have created 2 tops to add to my collection I need to make a SKIRT , TOP ( PLAIN), DRESS & TROUSERS. Among doing my final project this is extended work but something great to get involved with, also I wanted to explore my felt making in a fashion sense as well so I think it will be interesting to attach some of the felt pieces to the dress. I have designed the garments I need to make , the skirt will be digitally printed made out of cotton and wool blend fabric, the trousers will be made out of a black material, the dress will be wool blend all three finished garments will work in harmony with one another ! Although my main focus is on my FMP this is an added side project I will be taking part in and I will use elements of my FMP work in this collection.

To create the garments I will be using the digital printer and pattern cutting to create the top I will then stitch these using the over locker.

I recently watched a documentary on Channel 4 called “inside Dior” and it shows the runway the message I got from this programme was runways are about impact my bring and pieces will make an impact as they all fit together. It is not necessarily about the finis h of the garment as they are made to fit different sizes so I will just be elasticating waistbands and adding printed belts to bring in waistlines for different models.

Dior (2017). Inside Dior, (Video) Available at:

Sue Hotchkis

Contemporary textile artist

 D. (2016). Sue Hotchkis: From conception to creation. Available: Last accessed 17th Mar 2017.

 J. (2016). Sue Hotchkis interview: Working intuitively. Available: Last accessed 17 Mar 207.

 Hotchkis, S . (2012). Fibre Artist . Available: Last accessed 17 Mar 2017.

 Sue Hotchkis chats about her exhibition Fragments. (2016). Sue Hotchkis chats about her exhibition Fragments. [Online Video]. 26 March 2016. Available from: [Accessed: 17 March 2017].

Her interests lie within the relationship between the growing world and natural environment and man made similar to my own project. She uses a variety of textile materials in order to create her pieces. She specialises in making 3d forms, and the way she presents these pieces really works. The techniques she uses are mainly machine sewing and had sewing, she explains she is not too precious about her work she uses heat gun and dyes up her own cloths before creating. The main themes in her work are colour, texture and surface – these themes are what I try to convey in my work.

She had an interview which I found on YouTube on her exhibition Fragments which was displayed in Australia. She explains that she very rarely limits her work to a specific shape such as a square or rectangle which would be easily framed. I like this because it means it allows her textile piece to be more creatively formed as she has no limits on its shape or size. In the video she explains about her style of work she initiates her work from taking photographs, she is curious about the work she is making. She takes images of rusted metal, she explains she notices the world a little bit differently. She uses a digital camera to capture this inspiration. Similarly to this I always begin my projects by taking images to draw from this then stems into designing and developing ideas.  

What I find interesting is she doesn’t really alter the original image she only crops them and sometimes alters the brightness to add colour and vibrancy. She discussed, creating screens and how her work is an accumulation of layers. She uses similar techniques to myself she prints onto fabric with procion dye and pigment dyes onto cotton. She makes her own fabrics and materials that she then works back in to. 

Over the practice of her work she has become more experimental and you can see this through her development and newer pieces. She has begun to bring a more sculptural theme to the work as previous work was quite flat. To me this is more interesting and a better representation of organic forms as they don’t form flat. She considers herself as an “artist that makes things.” Similar to what Jamie Holman said in his lecture “Don’t give up, doubting your work is ok.” The act of creating work and making work is more important. 

I am fascinated by the colours and textures that she reflects in her work. I find the way she presents them really interesting as they look as though they are moving and alive. I think she manages to create her inspiration in a contemporary way.  I love the way she presents her work so I sent her a message on her Facebook account , I was so pleased when she replied. This have given me ideas and thoughts about how I can present textile pieces. 

Screen Shot 2017-03-20 at 13.19.39Screen Shot 2017-03-20 at 13.19.50



Me and Zahraa Pitched about the benefits of blogging at a UAL standardisation event , we ran through our blogs and explained the benefits of using them and the Facebook UAL fad page.  This pitch has helped my confidence in speaking to audiences and will only help me develop confidence when pitching design ideas in industry.

Pitched about the benefits of blogging and using it as a tool to demonstrate practical skills. Blogging has may benefits which we outlined in the presentation , cost saving its an ideal place to showcase work and it gives it a level of professionalism.

Jamie Holman Lecture


Jamie’s Lecture

Research & Practice

I found this lecture really inspiring, learning more about the type of work Jamie Holman produces and the research he has behind his concepts is really interesting. I found that he takes inspiration from a variety of sources and he his recent exhibition he has taken research form painter Hughie Donoghue. I think this lecture made me more confident about researching and exploring different artists. He explained that he enjoys crossing pathways and using different media in order to create work. The idea of creating work is important and finding and learning about the materials to create the work should not limit you.

I found similarity in this I enjoy crossing between 3d and textiles as I find the outcomes to be really exciting. Over the course of the year my strengths have been in textiles and the 3d pathway and over my FMP I am going to work on my strengths and push materials and my ability.

He explained to sustain a project you have to have a genuine interest in what you are about to research which I completely agree with. He also explained that research isn’t just academic it’s finding things out. One of my favourite part of the processes is exploring and investigating materials and techniques. I like to investigate the potential of the material and find out what it can do. I apply this into my own work, I have explored the possibilities of felt and weave, by adding elements of shape to weave you can make it appear 3d and add texture in easily.

I like to challenge myself and explore materials to their potential and Jamie’s lecture gave me confidence that I am researching in the right way by exploring different resources. He made a point about being curious about work and the type of work you create. To me my research always begins as a curiosity what would happen if I did this? I love exploring materials and finding out how I can apply It to my work. I think as a target for myself I need to refine my research and be evaluative about what has worked and not worked. Especially when it comes to the time of making my final piece, I need to think about the feasibility of the materials I am working with and what will work best.


“leap into the void”  Yves Klein

Screen Shot 2017-03-17 at 08.30.23

Klein, Y. (1960) Leap into the void | Yves Klein, Harry Shunk, Janos (Jean) Kender 1992.5112 | work of art I Heilbronn Timeline of art history | metropolitan museum of art. Available at: (Accessed: 17 March 2017).

This image speaks volumes to me it was shown to me at the very beginning of my foundation course. This year has been a journey of doing the unexpected, trying new things and I want to showcase this in the exhibition.