Presenting my final piece


My main inspiration for setting up my final piece was of the Giants Causeway due to the hexagonal prism plinths. However, there are artist that have also influenced me. If you look at a previous blog post I had messaged artist Sue Hotchkis asking her about the ways in which she displayed her work. Mainly her work is hung by a gallery wall and this looks really effective as you can see white space around the piece making all the textural elements stand out.

I also took inspiration from Marjolein Dallinga a contemporary textiles artist who works with felt. I particularly like the “Bloomfelt forest” work she has created. A lot of this work is centred and surrounded by white space in a gallery setting. I want to centre my plinths in the room so that the piece can be considered from all angles. Her 3d felt pieces stand alone and due to them having space around them it allows the viewer to consider the piece from all angles and appreciate the artwork.

In addition, I took some inspiration from artist Dana Barnes who has casted shapes that she displays in a gallery setting. Each cast has space around it allowing a viewer to walk around her artwork and interact with it. This is something I really like so when doing sketches of my set up I have considered this. I have also thought about creating an impact by adding height. Refer to my sketchbook for plans of my outcome.


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