Weave for final piece


Screen Shot 2017-06-01 at 15.21.06

My deadline is quickly approaching I am now thinking about my final piece and beginning to create this after lots of experimenting I have decided the two main processes I am going to use are 3d and 2d felting and creating a new weave. I have already got a small weave I made on the loom from earlier in the project I plan to put wire into areas of the weave to give a more 3d feel. Due to the size of my plinths I want to create a larger weave using the looms that I will be able to use to drape around the plinths to make it appear as if it is growing. To begin to create my new weave I have negotiated with my textiles technician on Tuesday morning to help set up the loom and create the warp. I know from my first weave that a loom takes a full day and a half to set up so I will definitely be weaving by Thursday.

In this weave design I want to focus more on using yarns and looking at colour I want to add areas of bright colour to reflect the small areas of bright colours found in nature that are amongst darker tertiary colours. My felt pieces will be mainly greens and browns with areas of bright colour and I think this will look effective to have the two together. Going back to my research I found that bright colours are in nature but you have to isolate them to really notice them. Therefore, I don’t want to use too much vibrancy as this wouldn’t be realistic and wouldn’t reflect my findings.

Setting up the loom meant I had to measure the length I wanted my warp to be to cover the plinths this worked out at roughly over a meter. I used the weaving mill to create my warp and then starting pulling it through the loom and setting up. Each piece of the warp has to be individually threaded and this is why it is so time consuming but I knew it would worth it to achieve the look I am aiming for. I also like the idea of my weave being less tightly packed so in this weave I didn’t beat the yarns down as hard leaving spacing to create transparency and more texture.

Finally, to finish my weave off I have tied the ends. I plan to put wire through the weave once all my felt pieces have been created and assemble over my plinths. Using wire will add more structure and make it appear more like growth.

James (a fad student) has kindly taken images for me I negotiated with him to make some time to help me get a good image for our show catalogue. I am really happy with my final image and I think it will link to my final piece really well.


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