Majolein Dallinga Bloomfelt (secondary research) Inspiration for final outcome

When creating my final piece, I wanted to explore more artist that work with a textiles medium. As I was looking at felt making and weaving I came across Majolein Dallinga on pinterest. I then began to look a little deeper and found her website which shares images of all her current work. You can see from her imagery and her pieces that they are inspired by the natural world that surrounds us. What I like most about her work is that she includes her pieces back in the nature that she took the inspiration from. She has photographed them really well in what you would imagine to be their natural environment.

If I had more time on my project this is something I would have liked to explore, I think it would be interesting to take my felt pieces into the local woodland and capture them amongst other growths. Due to the time frame this would not be possible but it is potential for the future.

I like Dallingas outlook on her medium this quote is taken from her website

“Felting is an ancient technique which allows unlimited freedom in the creative process which demanding very limited mechanical intervention such as weaving in a loom.”

Which I completely agree with from using both processes in my final outcome you definitely have more freedom with felting as it is easy to manipulate and shape.On her website I am particularly interested in the “Sculptures” section this part of the gallery is where most of her 3d felt making is shown. I am fascinated by the way she shapes and manipulates the felt in order to make it appear like a real life form. The colours she uses and the techniques she has learnt are evident in the outcomes, I like how in her felt pieces she almost blends colours together like you do with paint. The work is finished to a high standard and she has photographed them well.

I particularly like how she has displayed her work in gallery space as well and this has given me ideas for presentation. I like how they look as if they are growing upwards and start on the floor. I additionally like the ones which have been hung as they add another dimension to the piece.

I have also looked on her blog she shares imagery of the things which fascinate her many of them are of the natural world. Her blog has also given me ideas on how to present work and how to talk about artwork as well.

Below is a video where she has put her artworks into the environment , I find this really interesting. If the time frame wasn’t so tight for my final piece deadline this is something I would explore. There is still potential left in my work and this is something I want to try  in the future.


Dallinga, M. (2012). Bloomfelt . Available: Last accessed 15 May 2017.

Bloomfelt: Blooming forest. (2016). (Video) United Kingdom: Majolein Dallinga


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