Final Touches to Final Piece

Embellishing Muslin

Using muslin as part of my final piece , I decided to buy a meter of muslin from college for £2 it’s fine fabric and therefore perfect for embellishing. I decided in my final piece when designing the set up that it would look more interesting to have a hanging element to give the viewer the idea of my felt / weave piece starting from the floor and growing upwards. This would add height and create another dimension to the piece.

With the muslin being a fine fabric it allowed me to distress the material quite easily so I burnt some of the fabric and ripped it in places as well. I did this because then it could become a growth in its own right I didn’t want it to just look like a meter of fabric hung above my piece. To the piece I embellished carded wool of the colours used in my piece again with areas of brighter colour. I then attached felt beads which I made to the piece. This is so it connects with my final piece visually. But also because the felt beads add a 3D texture to the fabric making it look like there is areas of growing form coming out of it. Although the images are shown on a mannequin this piece will be hung above my plinths , this was to show development of the piece and how it could potentially be used. The mannequin also allows you to see how and where the piece has been embellished.

To hang the muslin I used filament wire this is so the viewer will not be able to see this creating more drama to the piece.

Overall I am really happy with the way the muslin worked. I chose to buy the cream muslin over the white muslin as I felt it fit more with the colours within my piece.

Before hanging in my exhibition I thought that the piece could be used as a garment I explored this idea on the mannequin to experiment with this. I think it looked really effective my wrapping it and draping it around the mannequin it added layers. I used pins to create folds and rippled areas. I think this looked really effective. However I didn’t want to create a fashion outcome this could be something I come back to in the future. I still think there is still potential within some of the elements to my final piece.


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