Final Proposal in format & Proposal draft

Final proposal in format.

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Proposal draft

Proposal 500 words


Review (150 words)


Over the course of the year I have developed many skills my strengths have been in textiles and CAD software designing. This year has been an essential opportunity to work towards my specialism. I have created a portfolio based on my strengths and I am going to study Surface Pattern at university. I have tried new things and been ambitious and experimental throughout my practice. I have developed my drawing skills in the broadest format taking ideas through in to screen printing, scratch film, ceramics, embroidery creating garments and much more. I have developed all drawings and ideas and pushed them to their full potential. This year has enabled me to be confident in my field and has also challenged me to think more about the potential and purpose of the work that I have produced together with my target audience.


Project Concept (250 words)


My initial idea, is to look at growth. I will develop designs for fashion or interiors. At this stage I have not decided on an outcome. I will explore the potential of my idea, growth in a broad way by mind mapping , visiting galleries and collecting primary research (photography) to begin the project. I plan to look at the natural world and contrast it to the manmade environment mainly looking at architecture. I really want to explore the concept of experimenting with natural forms and contrasting them with bold geometric designs. I initially plan to look at honey comb due to it being natural but sustaining a strong hexagonal pattern. I will take inspiration from what is around me and plan to take photographs of natural forms where I live and almost comparing and developing prints in contrast to the Blackburn or City landscape.


Evaluation (100 words)


I will evaluate my work by using my work plan to see if I am on track, by giving myself time frames I will be able to keep track of producing work. Throughout my final project I will plan weekly what I intend to do and set targets for myself. I will evaluate through group crits and tutorials. It may be interesting to explore my target market and see if I could develop a survey based on my work.


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