Final Plinths

Final wood hexagons

After making a model of a hexagon plinth using cardboard I have decided to create my plinths out of MDF wood I have spoken to Jamie Holman and Bill our wood work technician and he suggested that MDF would be the cheapest and give me the quality that I was desiring.

I went to a local firm in Chorley called ASC negotiate a price on MDF wood I went with stencils of the sizes I would need cutting. They then cut the pieces of my plinths. Over the Easter Holidays I begun to construct them at home.

Unfortunately, they did not have the machinery to miter the edges on wood so that the side walls would fit perfectly together. So I had to come up with a solution in order to fit the sides together. Due to the sizes of the plinths some plinths were more difficult than others to make.

I started with the smallest one. I used a hot glue gun to attach some of the sides together. This worked however due to the weight of the wood on the larger plinths the glue would not hold long enough for me to nail the edges together. I wanted to work as professionally and neatly as possible I didn’t want them to look unfinished or unsuitable for my show.  I am really conscious about presentation and for my final show I wanted them to be as good as I could possibly make the. After buying the wood I started to panic and thought that they would never look good enough. After lots of thinking to help build the walls of the plinths on the inside I began to attach duct tape this held the walls together long enough for me to put the nails in. Even then there was still gaps between each piece due to the edges not lining up. To fix this problem I used quark I applied the quark to the edges and built it up in layers using water and my finger to smooth the quark. This worked really well and gave me really neat edges. Once all plinths where built I took them into college in the Easter Holidays. I then bought white matt emulsion from B&Q and began to paint them after 3 layers of paint they looked great and I am really pleased with them. I think the variation in their size is really effective and my felt work will look good growing over them.


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