Final Piece additions / Primary research

From idea to design

All my felt pieces where inspired by the images I had taken of my local woodland & Cumbria. Over the walls of my plinths I wanted to include the idea of stacked mushrooms growing beside it. For this, I would have to add wire to the felt in order for it to stay structured and remain horizontal. I attached these felt pieces with staples. Underneath I added wire which I wove into the wool to make the felt more stable. In my opinion this is the most successful pet of my final piece , I think it looks really effective as it looks as if they’re growing out of the side. I used cream and green wool that I blended into each other as often when you see mushrooms in nature they are turning white.

The images I took of the growth in Cumbria by the side of a rotting tree trunk fed my inspiration for my felt pieces. This growth had appeared near our caravan over night almost ! It is a really strong structure and has accents of bright colour yellows and oranges whilst it’s still relatively new to its environment. All through my felt making I have carefully selected colours to reflect those that you find in nature. The way that the mushrooms are layered gives a really interesting look to the piece. I wanted to recreate this within my final piece.

What was successful about making this out of felt is that felt is easy to manipulate. I gathered the felt using stitch to make it appear to have folds and creases like the mushrooms have in life. Using the wire allowed me to manipulate the shaping of each piece.


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