Festival of Making



10 min 54 into the video is the slot for my outfits I contributed to the festival of making.

For the festival of making the fashion and textiles pathway had a 20 minute runway slot. This involved me completing 3 outfits which would fit my theme of bold prints and wearable high street. This is an add on project to my Final Major and will not be my final piece. I wanted to be involved in the festival of making as it was such a great opportunity to get my work noticed and utilize the skills I have learned over the year.

As a result of it being advertised on social media and the radio there was a good turn out on the day. Subsequently as a result of me posting my work on my professional instagram “evelyn.creates: I got likes of fashion brands and “lazerian studio” who is a designer and maker and did the Chromatogram 3d visual representation of the art of manufacturing cardboard boxes at the festival of making.

On his instagram account he has 14.5k followers so this reached a broader audience. Additionally, to this the art director “Ylissa” from Vogue Paris liked my image. Using hashtags such as #festivalofmaking #design #surfacepattern.

To check out my instagram page where I post highlights of my work search : evelyn.creates

The only pieces I had made was the screen printed top, as a result I had to make a plain top to go with my digital printed skirt plus pants and a dress and accessories of digitally printed belts to tie all 3 pieces together.

I already had the design for my digital print using fabric provided by college and using a pattern I cut the pants and then used the over locker to construct. At this stage I was unsure on the size of the model so I added elastic to the pants and skirt so that they would fit any size. Due to making garments being relatively time consuming I have had to plan a few days to make and construct this time has been allocated wisely and I will have to begin to create my final piece along side in order to finish for my deadline on the 15/05/17.

In order to plan the show effectively we had to find models. My models all study at Blackburn college I had to negotiate for them to be at King Georges Hall on the 6th of May at 9 ready to practice and get hair and make up done. Previously to this we had all done a walk through in the week to see the space and to understand the timings of the show. The Windsor suite is a perfect size back stage was really accessible.

To keep to the runway look hair and make up was all done identically which made the photos look really good.

If I had more time I would have finished the garments of to a higher standard by not leaving raw edges and making hems but after watching “inside Dior” it outlines that clothing for the runway is often manipulated pinned to the model and sometimes even the model is stitched into the outfit. This highlights that the runway is about the impact which I felt my outfits had.


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