Weave structure / experimenting with set up

With the weave I have created as part of my final piece it is a mainly flat piece which I have added the colours found in nature to through use of yarns. With my final piece being a representation of growth having the weave draped over my plinths just didn’t look effective.

At this stage I am still exploring my set up and the difference of space I want between each plinth.

So after some consideration I decided to add wire to allow me ton manipulate the shape more and make it a growth in it’s own right. To make it look more organic I begun to add wire I was conscious that you would be able to see the wire but after carefully placing it in areas of compact woven material you can’t see it. I am really pleased with how it has turned out and it now looks more effective. As I don’t want the weave to be the main element of my final piece I plan to place my felting over and around it with areas of weave showing through.

Above are images of me exploring presentation and how I will present the weave and felt together.


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