Tutorial with Pete setting up final piece

Placing the plinths was quite difficult after I had been allocated my place in the exhibition. I had a few different ideas about where I should place my plinths. I am happy with the low to high set up but the spacing between plinths is something I’ve had to think strongly about. I took photographs of moving it in different areas to help decide what looks best.

As I was setting up my plinths and final outcome for the show I was discussing possible ways of displaying my plinths with my felted growth over the top. What became really important to me with having my piece in the centre of a room is that it needs to be viewed from all angles. This then meant that I would need to display the felt pieces in a way that encourages the viewer to walk around the outcome. At this stage I am undecided about including the weaves in my outcome.

I have created and added wire to the weave to make the woven cloth more structured it adds another dimension to the piece. However at this stage I have not yet thought of how best to place it. I need to manipulate the weave in away that it fits better with the felt. My plan is t add more wire to allow me to be able to shape it in order for it to become a growth in it’s own right.

When I was discussing this piece and my display with Pete he talked to me about Mondrian paintings and how when looking at those paintings you don’t just look at it up and down they make you look at it from all angles and this is something I wanted to achieve in my work. He really liked the qualities of the individual felts and he has allowed me to think about this work with a mind.

We discussed how the green felted pieces starting on the floor some how blend in with the floor and create too much harmony. So I decided to use the brown felted pieces and start them from the floor in order to cause some contrast which will make it more interesting for the viewer. In my opinion I know some viewers will just walk past this however I understand that , in nature natural forms and growths are ignored so I wouldn’t expect everyone to look at it with open mind / eyes. Like in nature when you look at the pieces more you see more brighter colours and textures that I have embellished into the felt this adds another quality and meaning behind the piece.


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