Reclaimed wool

Muji Australia. (2017). Reclaimed wool. [Online Video]. 10 May 2017. Available from: [Accessed: 1 June 2017]

I found a video when researching on MUJI they have started a reclaimed wool project by using scraps and fibres and them spinning them to create yarns and wool. This is really good and I think is a movement all manufactures artists and designers have to think about. When using my felt in my own practice I also bought reclaimed wool to embellish into it and scrap yarns to add colour and texture to the pieces. I have used these in my final outcome. I did actually do this instead of buying brand new yarns to reuse older products.

In the video you can clearly see the process of how they do it. This video has given me a wider understanding on how wool is manufactured and how they get from the fibres to the final outcome. It shows how the fibres are mixed by a large carding machine and then adapted in to various colours through a dyeing process. The finished carded wool is then set up onto a spinning machine which is then created into yarns fool knitting , clothing , crocheting etc. The process of this has reminded me slightly of weaving on a bigger scale as they look very similar. They then warp up on an industrial scale before they can weave.

My weave that I have completed as part of my final piece was made in a similar way to this. Which I have achieved by hand on a weaving mill. But through this video I can see how it would be done in industry to make clothing etc.  It has allowed me to see how cloth for clothing is made on an industrial scale and broadened by understanding. The weaving mill I used is basically just a small scale machine in industry. The cloth that has then been weaved is sent to Japan ready for clothing purposes. This video has widened my knowledge on the process from start to finish.



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