Poole Pottery Visit


Over the holidays when I was in Bournemouth I visited Poole to go to Poole pottery. It’s a famous potters that sells a wide variety of different ceramic ware. From looking at the designs you can see the patterns and glazes of many have been inspired by the outdoors there was many floral patterns and many including natural tertiary colours. Which I felt where the most interesting , on some of the pieces the glazes where bleeding into one another and I thought this gave a really interesting surface texture and pattern which is what I am going on to study at university.
At university I will be doing a module on clay and glass and this has give me inspiration and a wider understanding for my next education progression.
At Poole pottery there was two ceramic artists in working and doing demonstrations they discussed to the growing audience about what they was doing and talked about terms I understood as I have learnt about clay over the course of this year. One of the potters was on the wheel making a vase and the other potter was etching a pattern into the leather hard clay.
They talked about the sort of clay they was using and the qualities of clay, they discussed the potential of the material. I found it really interesting I looked around the ceramic gallery and shop and there was lots of things that took my interest and inspired me.
It was a really interesting experience to see the process in action. I would definitely visit again as there is a wide variety to see.


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