Getting the studio ready for exhibition

We have started to transform the classroom space into a working gallery. This has me at all of the Foundation students have had to chip in and help and roughly taken 4 days.

We started by moving the tables and chairs and clearing draws. It took us a while just to make space before we could really begin.We then swept and cleaned the floor before getting the boards out to start creating the exhibition space. We worked in small groups carrying boards and begun to build them up with the support of the technician (Oliver).

We then began to sand all the boards down to remove any bumps of paint away any blemishes and scratches to get a surface that was flat and suitable to paint on. Everyone worked really hard as we all want a high finish to the show and this was clear. We then put up adhesive tape to smooth the cracks in between  each board before we could add paint. We each helped out with painting using white mat emulsion. We also pointed the corridor leading to the fad room after we took previous art work down. The room now looks fantastic and we are being allocated our space in the exhibition!


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