Fabric Manipulation for final piece


With some of my felt pieces being quite flat for my final piece. I thought I would need to experiment with them more by adding more texture. With some pieces I embellished them together embellishing in carded wool and yarns to add texture and colour to make the piece look more interesting and to add different surfaces. By doing this it has made the piece look more like a growth by adding in organic shapes and surfaces.  I have added “pockets” of bright colour to suggest areas of vivid colour found in nature amongst vast tertiary colours. These bright colours where found and I recorded them in my sketchbook as a series of photographs they are also recorded on my blog.

I also made some beads out of felt which I added yarns to. This is to use as almost decoration to add areas of still pieces to the larger felt pieces. These I will stitch to or lay on to areas of my final piece.

With some of the felt pieces I have moulded the felt around shapes to make them more three dimensional. This will add to the overall look of my final piece by adding height and different surfaces. I think this will help me to achieve the appearance of growth.

Using stitch I have manipulated some of the felts adding gathering and pleating to show more organic texture this emphasises the shapes and lines found under mushrooms. I was inspired to do this by designer Issues Miyake who I researched at the beginning of my project in the garments there are areas of fabric manipulation through folding and pleating to add a more natural look.  Some of the gathered flat pieces I have created I plan to lay above each other to create layers and the look of something  growing and evolving like when you see layers of mushrooms growing up the side of a tree. I used a cream thread so In the gathering the viewer won’t be able to see the thread.


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