Taking patterns from forms

Why 3d?


After putting images of my research in my sketchbook I have started to look at the patterns and shapes found in natural forms. I have started this by drawing and painting and just pulling out shapes and patterns which I find interesting, for example torn tree bark. I think to develop my drawings further I could start to explore manipulating felt and other materials to create 3d outcomes that suggest growth.

sketchbook images

I want to explore making 3d textiles pieces and see how they could work together. I have started layering my drawings using acetate and previous honey comb work from the begining of my design process. I am unhappy with how flat the outcomes are and as a collage I don’t think the images are working together. When looking outside in the environment at moss and lichen its all living and growing each day ever changing and I want to reflect this in my work therefore, I think I need to start thinking about scale and manipulation of materials.

I also tried some stitch work stitching into materials such as plastic and paper, I enjoyed this as it begun to look more textured and layered however still in my own mind I am unhappy with the way it looks as I think I could be more daring and look at scale and physical form more. In away it almost looks to neat and I don’t think it reflects our outside environment well enough. So I plan over the holidays to begin working in more of a 3d way after conducting more experiments. I will order some yarns and felt as I feel the weave and felt outcomes will be best for my project at this stage.


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