PVA & Yarns

Moulding around balloons to create a 3d piece using textiles materials mohair yarns , scrap yarns and threads. I used a balloon in order to create a structure to mould around. I soaked the yarns in PVA glue so that I could wrap them around the balloon, I left some of the yarns hanging to make it appear as though something was growing and evolving. I carefully selected coloured yarns mainly using greens and browns. I think the outcomes where quite effective but as I want to create more organic shape I think I want to go back to using felt and exploring this material further. I think with felt I achieved more as I can still incorporate stitch, embellishing and yarn. What is more effective about felting is you can mould around any shape and it is easy to take away from moulds it hold its shape for longer and because it is a fabric it can always be discreetly stuffed to hold further shape. also with felt making I could make smaller pieces and attach them altogether without seeing much of the stitch work making it look more of a professional finish.


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