I have decided to experiment with PVA glue focussing on colour and texture , I wanted to also see if it could be used in order to create shape but once dried it becomes quite brittle and breaks therefore I don’t think I could achieve a three dimensional outcome from this.

On the other hand when looking at the PVA glue I think I have achieved the colour and textures found on trees and in nature. I added Mohair yarn to one of the samples and I think this looks really interesting.  The process involved me using plastic wallets so I could remove the glue once dried. I used procaine dyes to dye the glue and I think this worked well using the back of an old paint brush I marbled the colours together in order to create more texture and liveness to the piece. I added brown and blue mohair yarn scraps to create the look of lichen growing on a tree , like I said I think this worked quite effectively but as it is hard to mould pva glue after drying I think I could create this idea better with fabrics and felt making.

Looking back at some of the drawing and stitch work I did I felt that this tied in well with them ideas therefore I put them side by side in sketchbook and I think this works quite well as a flat outcome. Again when peeling of the pva glue I had to be quite careful as in some areas it has dried really thin making it difficult to peel without breaking.


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