Exploring the potential of liquid latex. Latex has a really strong smell when it is i liquid form so I opened all the windows in the textiles studio and worked in the by the window. I dyed up the liquid latex using procion dyes I added a dark green and blue and watered them down so they would blend better together creating more of a realistic colour.

I wanted to use deep green to create a mould looking colour, latex is really interesting as you have to keep adding layers and drying each layer with a hair dryer before adding the next layer. The process was successful I felt, I wrapped cling film around polystyrene balls and then begun adding the latex. I left it over night to dry and then peeled it away the next day and was left with sphere shapes. I wanted to explore using a more 3d approach however without stuffing the latex spheres they would just collapse. I also added liquid latex to bubble wrap this was far more successful as the shape held more, however organic forms are not perfect bubble wrap and I didn’t feel it achieved what I wanted it to although I wouldn’t disregard this as an experiment as in ways it was successful as it has allowed me to think more about what has worked the best , in my opinion looking at all my research I think felting has worked best. Although still with time left to develop and experiment with more materials I will try create a 3d outcome using vanishing fabric to incorporate my stitch skills and I also want to try PVA and threads moulding around a shape before I make a decision on thinking about the materials I will use for my final piece to display my design process in the best way.


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