Festival Of Making

A really exciting opportunity has arisen the festival of making on Saturday the 6th of may are having a fashion show, each student who wants to show some of their garment collection can show 3 outfits. From previous work I have created 2 tops to add to my collection I need to make a SKIRT , TOP ( PLAIN), DRESS & TROUSERS. Among doing my final project this is extended work but something great to get involved with, also I wanted to explore my felt making in a fashion sense as well so I think it will be interesting to attach some of the felt pieces to the dress. I have designed the garments I need to make , the skirt will be digitally printed made out of cotton and wool blend fabric, the trousers will be made out of a black material, the dress will be wool blend all three finished garments will work in harmony with one another ! Although my main focus is on my FMP this is an added side project I will be taking part in and I will use elements of my FMP work in this collection.

To create the garments I will be using the digital printer and pattern cutting to create the top I will then stitch these using the over locker.

I recently watched a documentary on Channel 4 called “inside Dior” and it shows the runway the message I got from this programme was runways are about impact my bring and pieces will make an impact as they all fit together. It is not necessarily about the finis h of the garment as they are made to fit different sizes so I will just be elasticating waistbands and adding printed belts to bring in waistlines for different models.

Dior (2017). Inside Dior, (Video) Available at: http://www.channel4.com/programmes/inside-dior/on-demand


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