Dissolvable Fabric experiment

Target of experiment- Using dissolvable fabric in order to create  a 3d outcome that reflects the appearance of growth.

I decided to use a vibrant stitch colour which was orange as when looking back at my primary research there are bright colours found and growing all around us in woodlands. But, tertiary colours surround them until you look at these colours in isolation you don’t realise how vibrant some of the colours are.

The process involved me building up layers of stitch onto the material I used an embroidery hoop to keep the fabric tight to allow me to work intricately, whilst using the sewing machine. I created attached shapes of the mould I found growing on a tree. With dissolvanle fabric all of the stitches must be attached for it to work or else it will collapse or break. Once I was happy with it I put the fabric under running water and you can feel a glue like substance at that stage you can stop the water. When the fabric had vanished I moulded it around a polystyrene ball. Once dried after a couple of days I took the fabric away from the mould, I then realised I had not used enough stitches for the fabric to hold as the piece collapsed slightly once taking away from its mould.  if I was to do this again I would need to build up more layers of stitches on the machine. I asked my textile technician and tutor for advice so that it would be a stand alone piece we then sprayed the stitch work with starch spray this hell the stitch in place better but it would have been more effective if I had built up more stitches originally.



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