Target Audience for Final Outcome


The ideas behind my final outcome and throughout my project have been looking at growth in a broad sense and how natural forms and man made forms are weathered and   how things attach and grow evolving the origin of the form. I have looked at the Giants Causeway ( Ireland natural form ) and been inspired how this was made through a volcanic eruption. I have researched into the importance of hexagons in our lives and how they are the basis to most structural things in the natural world. I wanted to incorporate these ideas within my final outcome as they have been the basis for the research and context of this project and visually see how growth occurs using felt and weave as my media. Felt is such an interesting media as there is so much potential you can create your own forms making it 3d mix colours add elements of other materials to it and really experiment with it. I love it because it’s a craft and its hands on which I enjoy.

When thinking and researching into my final outcome more I see this work in a gallery space as an installation piece. The piece will be made up of hexagonal plinths made out of MDF wood and then painted white , this will be to contrast to the felted outcome and also gives a fresh professional feel to the piece. I have been inspired by 3d textile artist such as Julie Dodd & Sue Hotkis their work is similar to mine in the way I would like to display it. For example a lot of Dodd’s work is floor pieces they sort of take you out of your own world and make you feel as though you are stepping into something new and precious. However, behind there work is messages about the enviroment and how humans should care for it more. ( ei Julie Dodd “A Year Of Trees.) Whereas Hotkis work is mainly hung this allows the viewer to be in control of the piece in some respect as movement will cause the piece to sway and I quite like the idea behind this as in the outside world this would also happen.

I could see my art work in a fine art gallery , in this piece I want to show how I feel our natural environment will always take over and (grow) over anything put in its pathway. I feel that nature is a force and when researching more into nature and how things grow and why they grow I have discovered new things that give context to my work.


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