Specialist pathway & progression

My specialist pathway is surface pattern which comes under the pathway of (textiles). After the completion of this course the UAL Foundation Art & Design diploma I will move on to study at Swansea College of Art and complete a Degree In surface design. This is a conditional offer which means I have to pass the course I am currently studying.  I chose Swansea as the course has great links with industry , it provides international trips to galleries and the course uses traditional techniques and digital design, which personally for me is the perfect mix as I love the act of making and creating but to be able to contextualise this is really important to me and doing this digitally works effectively such as dropping a design into an interior space and immediately being able to see if it is effective. The course title is BA(Hons) Surface Pattern Design it allows you as a designer to go through three separate pathways before you specialise the pathways covered are Maker, Fashion & interiors.

I have chosen this course as through my 3 years of studying art I have become confident and experimental within textiles. I enjoy exploring and sampling materials and understanding the potential of a material. I think this course will allow me to gain many skills and experiment further in pushing creative ideas and design. In five years time I see my self working in industry gaining valuable knowledge and skills and then I would love to be able to work free lance. Foundation has given me the confidence and professional outlook to achieve my goals.


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