Reading Group LAND


Antony Gormley – 3d sculptor Clare Richardson – Photography Jeanette Winterson – Writer

In the reading group that I attend as an extra curricular we were introduced to the book “Land” which showcases the artwork of Antony Gormley. The themes that run through the book are about time and permanence. However, I like the book because of the imagery of the artworks and the fact that it is public artwork. I also like Jeanette Wintersons reflection on the importance of the artwork and the meanings she feels is behind it . This book has really influenced my project because it shows imagery of the figures being attacked by nature by the sea being slowly weather and rusted. This is some of the themes that have  run behind my project I want to show how the world and nature will always reclaim and work around what we put out there and I think this book summaries that fact. There was a sentence in there that has really stuck with me through the remaining time left on my project.

“Antony Gormley bodies, whether in the sea, in the city, or in these remoter landmarks, changed and battered as they are by the elements, contain within their shifting temporality a sense of what is permanent. They are resting places, not only for butterflies and passing birds, but for the mind’s eye.” J.W

I think a sense of what is permanent in this sense means to me as when the figure dies the figure meaning all humans the world is still left , life moves on and nature reclaims what we once took. I like the words “battered as they are by the elements” nature has no empathy it destroys and grows on what is put in front of it and to me this is really interesting.

I particularly like the work where he has used the cube shapes in order to make the figure as it combines the man made world of geometric shape on the human body which is curvy and not perfect. But even these strong bold rhomboids weather and deteriorate.

Winterson, J (2016). LAND. Berkshire: Landmark Trust. 8-108.


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