Nature reclaiming us


Nature reclaims us

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O’Hare Sean. (203). Amazing images of bikes left so long against trees they become part of them. Amazing images of bikes left so long against trees they become part of them. 9 (1), 3

What I find really interesting about some of the artists I’ve researched is they have interest in nature and how it has its own way of reclaiming the land. My interests lie in the way that it forms and the patterns and detail found in these often ignored forms, they are a burden to people’s homes and buildings. I find this really interesting that no matter what humans create – build towns, create outdoor spaces nature will find its way of growing, and evolving reclaiming these spaces. Even when pesticides and chemicals are used they will still be resilient and grow.

I was looking at some articles online and there’s a few different takes on this. For example, there is imagery of bikes and outdoor equipment that have been left in space and then trees have engulfed them. Growing through them and around them. Lichen moss and other growths form on buildings and landscapes. Ivy grows on houses and buildings and engulfs the environment although some would argue this acts as thermal shield most would agree it is a nuisance that they try to get rid of. I just find the principle interesting whatever “man” brings to the world our man made environment nature has its way of reclaiming its land.

What I particularly find interesting is how people see these natural forms in different ways for example Sue Hotkis work takes inspiration from weathering and growths , what is ignored. Whereas Julie Dodd “A year of Trees” is more about appreciation of these forms and the message of protecting them. In my own work I want to create a piece that looks as though it is growing, however as I grow as a designer I would like to produce work.

Additionally Antony Gormleys figurative pieces have been weathered and changed by the natural environment. I find these concepts really interesting and they have fed by inspiration for this project.


Adding to this research on a trip to dorset this weekend I came across a fallen tree people have put money inside the tree and the tree has grown around it people do this for what they believe is “luck” and good fortune. Again this adds to the research behind my project on how we as humans interact / interfere with nature but how it will always regrow and rebuild on top of what we put in it’s path.

Screen Shot 2017-04-11 at 22.57.07.png

my own image.


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