Structural textiles research


Extension on Julie Dodd ­­­

Julie Dodd is an artist I looked at at the very beginning of my project , through research I have found more of her work and some more of her textiles work that is slightly more sculptural which I really like. I thought it was important to revisit this artist and look at the other work she produces. I like it because you can see a visual link between the art work and the natural form. In my work I want this visual to be perceived as growth but I’m not as interested in an audience perceiving it as a tree or mushroom I want it to be different. I plan to take inspiration from natural forms using their shape to enable me to create an outcome. I particularly like the work she has done on “A Year of Trees” the way she has displayed the work I find really interesting. She has mainly used paper in this body of work and I am interested in exploring with laser cutting and using paper as a textile medium. In this body of work she focused for a year on trees, and the importance they have in our world. I find this really interesting as through her practice and her interests which are the natural world she is trying to convey sustainability messages, which are important in the textiles industry now and I think it is important practicing artists create work that in some aspects raises awareness. I think her installations worked really effectively and she has used the space well. She has allowed natural light and the natural world to enhance her installation. The work she created looking a pores in trees she hung the installation, I think this a possibility I could experiment with if I was to do some laser cut work as I think combined with movement in the air this could look effective as they look as if they’re almost alive. Also , I’m interested in shadow , when designing a screen for print I have taken shapes from the form and the shadows, I think its interesting as shadows are ever changing as are growths. It would be interesting to play around with the idea of a textile piece and the shadow it creates.

A year of trees – julie dodd (no date) Available at: http:// (Accessed: 20 March 2017.)

Screen Shot 2017-03-20 at 13.26.07Screen Shot 2017-03-20 at 13.28.08Screen Shot 2017-03-20 at 13.29.09Screen Shot 2017-03-20 at 13.29.13

 Jennifer Moss


Felted Wool

Installed at Emerson Row
Lake City, SC

Installed in the Lobby at Contemporary Craft
Pittsburgh, PA


E, J. (2012) Home: Jennifer e.Moss. Available at: (Accessed: 20 March 2017.)

“The built environment can often seem static and monumental, but it is only through constant maintenance that it is able hold out against the deteriorating effects of nature.”

I think this quote is really interesting because of the themes I am trying to explore in my work. I am looking at growth and and where things grow and experimenting in the patterns I find. The quote is true in my opinion no matter where we place things nature will find it’s of reclaiming it attaching to it. I find this work really interesting, the way I perceive the I see it as though something is growing and evolving. The more research I do the more I want to explore this theme in my own work to create something that looks as though it is evolving. I think the art work is displayed effectively as it looks realistic in it’s form. When creating my felt samples, I was inspired by the way she works, by using the felt in a more structural way taking inspiration from the outdoors. I think the potential of felt is huge, as I’ve explained in previous posts it’s easily moulded the potential of using light and it can be printed on.


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