Tutorial with Jo

15.03.17  Tutorial with Jo

With Jo we discussed the samples I have currently been working on, she gave me some feedback on the burning work I had done into polystyrene and plastic and the potential of this. We discussed using chicken wire as a structure, to heat the chicken wire and then place it on to polystyrene to leave an imprint similar to the one I had created with the match. I explained to Jo that I am interested in layering my work and making a piece to appear as if it is growing, we discussed different artists that I will reference below.  Using the materials, I have been working with like felt and weave plus doing some laser cutting I could start to create a 3d form of a growing mould / lichen. I want to incorporate all the research I have been doing and I think it would be interesting to weave with honey comb due to it being so delicate this would not be possible but I could cut the shapes from acetate and pull yarns and materials through to look like growth. Or I could explore laser cutting and take the idea of delicate material but use leathers or fabrics.

As I also want to incorporate the growing environment (buildings) I was thinking about making a plinth or some sort of structure that this piece could grow from and evolve from. After looking at a variety of different artists I have started to design creating a plinth inspired by the giant’s causeway which I have visited, It’s an area of besalt columns which was the result of a volcanic eruption. What I find interesting about this is it holds a hexagonal structure which correlates well with my honey comb, I think this would create a really interesting plinth/ structure that I could use as a base to “grow” materials on. Also, over the years the causeway has been weathered and natural forms such as barnicles etc have begun to grow on it. I have said previously on blog posts that the hexagonal shape is the strongest natural structure in nature and referenced the causeway. We discussed the possibilities of filming or photographic thins as it grows to see the development. This is an idea I will bear in mind.



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