Jamie Holman Lecture


Jamie’s Lecture

Research & Practice

I found this lecture really inspiring, learning more about the type of work Jamie Holman produces and the research he has behind his concepts is really interesting. I found that he takes inspiration from a variety of sources and he his recent exhibition he has taken research form painter Hughie Donoghue. I think this lecture made me more confident about researching and exploring different artists. He explained that he enjoys crossing pathways and using different media in order to create work. The idea of creating work is important and finding and learning about the materials to create the work should not limit you.

I found similarity in this I enjoy crossing between 3d and textiles as I find the outcomes to be really exciting. Over the course of the year my strengths have been in textiles and the 3d pathway and over my FMP I am going to work on my strengths and push materials and my ability.

He explained to sustain a project you have to have a genuine interest in what you are about to research which I completely agree with. He also explained that research isn’t just academic it’s finding things out. One of my favourite part of the processes is exploring and investigating materials and techniques. I like to investigate the potential of the material and find out what it can do. I apply this into my own work, I have explored the possibilities of felt and weave, by adding elements of shape to weave you can make it appear 3d and add texture in easily.

I like to challenge myself and explore materials to their potential and Jamie’s lecture gave me confidence that I am researching in the right way by exploring different resources. He made a point about being curious about work and the type of work you create. To me my research always begins as a curiosity what would happen if I did this? I love exploring materials and finding out how I can apply It to my work. I think as a target for myself I need to refine my research and be evaluative about what has worked and not worked. Especially when it comes to the time of making my final piece, I need to think about the feasibility of the materials I am working with and what will work best.


“leap into the void”  Yves Klein

Screen Shot 2017-03-17 at 08.30.23

Klein, Y. (1960) Leap into the void | Yves Klein, Harry Shunk, Janos (Jean) Kender 1992.5112 | work of art I Heilbronn Timeline of art history | metropolitan museum of art. Available at: http://www.metmuseum.org/toah/works-of-art/1992.5112/ (Accessed: 17 March 2017).

This image speaks volumes to me it was shown to me at the very beginning of my foundation course. This year has been a journey of doing the unexpected, trying new things and I want to showcase this in the exhibition.


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