Felting & Printing


Today I have focussed my day on investigating felt as a material and how it can be formed. I am thinking more about 3d growth and how I can reflect what I see in nature. I wanted to research into felt as a material. I really enjoyed felting I built up colours of felt in order to make it look like the images I have taken. I then added yarns in to give the effect of lichen growing. I then created a 3d piece using buttons to hold the shape of the felt and replicate growing mushrooms.

I think this was really effective and would look good on a bigger scale. Scale is something I want to develop and explore because of my title growth. I feel as though I could create something that looks like it is growing and increases in scale from different perspectives.

I took inspiration from Marianne Kemp although she is a weave designer and creator she uses light in some of her work and I find this really interesting. I wanted to make my felt pieces relatively fine so I could explore light. I placed the pieces on the light box and I really liked that the different fibers stood out. I think there is definitely more scope in exploring light and these materials and it is something I will continue to think about and research.

After a tutorial with Danielle we discussed the idea of layering some of the images and samples I have been working on & developing a screen with some of my designs. From units 5 & 6 I had looked at mushrooms and was interested in the lines and shapes found in these, purely just to explore my felt and weave samples further I printed over these to add layers. I was really happy with the outcome. Due to screens taking a few days to develop I thought using an existing screen would allow me to see the effect it gives. In reflection to this I thought the screen printing worked really well on felt as I built the fibres up sparsely you could see the printed element through the back when adding light, this would be a really good way of building up subtle layers. I also printed onto the melted plastics which again made the ink look quite distorted, it may work better to print onto the plastic before applying the heat gun? I plan to do some designs for screen on my new topic as it would be interesting to start experimenting further with layers and sampling. I will arrange this with technicians so I can do this next week, I need to prepare some drawings for this. When I do this process again I will have a fresh screen with new designs and this will allow me to explore layering.

Originally before I tried felting I was thinking of making scarfs (silk) however I am more confident and excited about the potential of creating something more 3d using materials and felt. With felting I can add more texture and surface whereas on a scarf it would be difficult to showcase this. I am looking more deeply at surface and pattern including texture and colour and I think this will be more achievable using felt.


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