Experimenting with Layering


On reflection from feed back with tutors I have started exploring samples more , I have weaved some paper sampling I did with printing honey comb and mushroom screen print design. Combing these prints I feel has given a really interesting visual. However , to be true to the theme of growth I feel that I need to develop it more and have more of a 3d element to the work. I want to explore weaving with honey comb to add colour and texture. I have scanned and photocopied the honey comb enlarged the sale and begun to cut out hexagon shapes. I plan to weave through this or pull fabrics etc through to make it appear as if moulds and lichen is growing out of the honey comb. I think it would be interesting to experiment with laser cutting and combing these processes.

Additionally looking back at the sampling I did with felt making I think I achieved a better 3d outcome I’m going to explore this technique more and develop these ideas. After tutorals I feel the development of my work is heading towards a 3d type of piece as I enjoy experimenting and manipulating materials which felt allows you to do.


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