Primary research


I had planned in my work plan to take photographs of my local woodland this week or the previous week. Due to limitations on the weather today was a clear day and therefore I negotiated to take photographs. I wanted to capture natural forms and organic shapes in their natural environment.

I am focussing on looking at growth and things like tree bark, lichen , rotting wood, mould all of the above I feel have really interesting patterns and are often ignored by walkers and the general public. I find this really interesting and making something that is ignored made to be looked at by printing these patterns and textures onto wearable fabrics, or creating a weave , or wallpaper. From these photographs I will make drawing studies and I am looking at conveying what I can see using fabrics and weave.

My favourite photographs are below. I feel that these images are successful because they are focussed and you can see the detail of tree bark, moss and growths that form on the trees. I took the reflection of the trees in water I think these would make successful backgrounds for prints and are something to consider later in the project when layering designs up. I particularly like the ones of the mushrooms as they are quite flat and all different shapes and sizes. I think its really interesting that some of the colours are quite bright such as oranges and greens captured on the bark. As these bright colours are surrounded by neutral colours they don’t stand out but as soon as you zoom into these areas of pattern the bright colours are recognisable. When creating my weave I will include accents of these colours.


Here are all of the images I took, I have selected the best from these images and the ones above are the ones I will be working with and developing designs from.




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