Print Making



Printmaking with honey comb. I have tried different techniques in order to print with the honey comb. Firstly, I wanted to emboss the honey comb onto 30gsm paper. However, due to the honey comb being so delicate it just squished the comb and left no impression. So to try and solve this me and my tutor Kim took the pressure of the printing press in hope that it would emboss. However this still did not happen, so instead to get the pattern from the honey comb I decided it would be best if I rubbed ink into the comb using fabric. I did this delicately so I did not damage the surface.

Due to the tacky nature of the comb I had to find a way to create a barrier between the honey comb and the paper so that it did not stick. I used vaseline and this did work quite effectively and has left a subtle print.I plan to scan the effective prints into the Macs and develop designs from these and explore scale. I am also trying to apply varnish and use this as a barrier, I have applied varnish to different sections and sizes of honey comb but it takes 4 hours to dry so I will have to complete this next week I have left it to dry on cling film as it will be easy to peel away. Additionally, I have had to use the Block Press print as it does add pressure in order to get a print but it doesn’t have the pressure of the press.

I have left samples in my visual note book. The Block Press Prints did work effectively but because of the nature of the material. You can only get limited prints from one piece of honey comb. I then decided it may work better by “watering the inks down” so I bought some cooking oil to allow this due to them being oil based inks. This did help and allowed me to apply the ink easier.





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