Design Research


Coloured Wooden Rugs by Elisa Strozyk

Strozyk creates wooden rugs there an incredible piece of design in my opinion and are beautiful textile pieces. The reason behind me thinking that they’re so beautiful is because of their structural form. How they can add colour and 3d to a home environment I am applying to study surface pattern at university and I am really interested in structures and surfaces. I’m particularly interested in bringing colour and form into peoples everyday lives and how textures and surfaces can influence an environment.

I also like how structural and mathematical they are as forms and how they are almost a representation of a landscape. It reminds me of my honeycomb development work and prints and I can see a visual link between these and also a link to buildings. The design element is something that I have taken inspiration from. Each row of the rug is made of shapes mainly triangular in form so they can be shaped by the artist / owner and made into any form / shape they decide. I like this element of interior design being accessible to anyone and how if you was to purchase this rug it would be different from others depending on how you display it. I also think they colours are really effective they add pockets of brightness into people’s homes. I think something like this would work well as a garment due to how structural it is. Also, by moving the rug and adding height it changes how the pattern looks. I particularly like how you can manipulate the wood as usually with this form such as a table , chair they are hard and solid whereas this is flexible.


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