Research into materials & techniques


Printing with disposables.


I have tried to replicate the honey comb by developing prints from using disposable materials. I have used a polystyrene pizza plate and burnt into it in order to replicate hexagon surface. I found the burning quite hard to control but I quite like the element of being unsure of what will happen. I considered doing a lino cut however I feel it would ave to be more controlled and wouldn’t allow an element of spontaneity. I then created a honey colour using acrylic paints to print with I used titanium white, yellow ochre & burnt umber. This colour mix allowed me to achieve a good natural colour which implies the colours found in honey comb. Looking back at them now I think they’d work well with grey printed over the top. Using acrylics allow you to mix colour really easily, I think they would work well as background prints and be interesting with illustrations over the top. Burning into the material has left an interesting surface behind and has also allowed me to think of the possibilities of getting laser cuts of paper which will also be an interesting texture.

I will bare this in mind when developing screens as I think the colours would be effective. I think the prints would have been more effective printing through the press however, I did this experiment at home so I didn’t have access to a press. To solve this I used the back of a wooden spoon and applied pressure.

Textiles Development


I have used a range of fabrics and investigated different materials and techniques to give me a range of experimental outcomes. I wanted to create a element of 3d within this textiles work so I have used wedding to allow me to add a raised surface this is to replicate the surfaces found on honey comb. I found this to be quite successful and worked better than I had anticipated. I think the oranges and yellows work well on the greys and neutral colours as they stand out. I have also used procion dye to create backgrounds in order for me to illustrate over the top and add fabrics too. I think the colours I have made through bleeding look really effective. I have used vanishing fabric to replicate the outlines of the honey comb and I think this is really interesting and something similar could be created using a laser cut design this is something I am going to consider creating. I think the vanishing fabric would have been more effective if I had added more stitch as some areas have broken. I also wanted to try doing a wax resist piece so I used candles and drew onto the paper and then colour washed over the top. I did also try to print with the honey comb but found it too delicate so I have tried to replicate the shapes through the wax resist process.







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