Macro Lens Photography




I decided to do some experimental macro photography with my honey comb, I used a light box in order to add light to the piece so I could effectively zoom into areas with the camera.  I wanted to take new photos to improve on the quality of the original ones I took. When taking these with the macro lens I thought the detail was phenomenal.The difficulties I faced when taking these photographs was even when using the automatic setting the image still appeared blurred and out of focus. To rectify this I used a tripod to steady the camera and this helped improve the quality of the images. Overall, I was really happy with how the images have turned out. The reason I wanted to use the macro lens was to allow me to get detailed images which I can then do drawings and designs from. I am really interested in looking up close at natural forms and then I plan to contrast them with man made forms. From these photographs I may develop prints. The impact of getting these images has allowed me to progress my ideas further.

My favourite shots are the ones where some of the honey comb has naturally broken and you can see different textures and surfaces, I think they look really interesting. Due to it being so delicate I don’t think I will be able to print with the form. Therefore, I will develop a design and printing plate to print from to replicate the images.

My next steps will be gathering more primary research as I find capturing photographs a good starting point as it is something I can refer to and then draw from if the form is not in front of me. I particularly like the hexagonal shapes that are formed within the honey comb, as they are so geometrical and mathematical it juxtaposes the differences between geometric shapes only being found in the townscape. It also shows how townscapes and architecture has been influenced by the natural world.


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