Photography to develop design.



I am interested in natural forms and how they are created. I am looking at bees and their hives and I find the production of honey a really interesting process. Also, I want to highlight that even though this is a natural form it does include man made elements as the hive has been made and the honeycomb has a structure so the bee keeper in this case my dad can manage the honey and is able to extract it easily. At the edge of the wood on some of the photos you can see where the bees have carried on making the comb, I particularly find these edges interesting and how the pattern continues to tessalate. I think this is really interesting that even though man has intervened ultimately the bees will do what they want. Additionally the hexagon does appear in nature apparently it is the strongest and most efficient natural shape / structure. Hexagons appear in volcanic areas the “Giants Causeway” is an accumulation of different sizes and lengths of hexagons. Crystal formulation also form in the hexagon shape.

Also in my project I want to express that we have learned a lot of architecture from nature and took inspiration from nature. These themes are something I want to contrast within my designs. The comb itself is made of hexagons and is a geometric structure. I plan to draw from these primary photographs and maybe do some printmaking. Inspired by artist Agenetha Dyck I want to see how comb can influence and add texture to design.


Ideas given that I could possibly experiment with, spray paint, printing, casting, collograph, bleach and ink. These techniques will form part of my research to experiment and explore what I can do with these materials and how I can translate my outcomes into design.



Hexagons that form naturally.

Geometry: Why do we see hexagons in nature so often? (no date) Available at: (Accessed: 24 February 2017).


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