Micro – Organism & Fungi Research


For my project I want to zoom into areas of natural forms using magnifying glass and microscopes in order to create interesting surface patterns. I thought in order to be able to understand how to grow fungus and best conditions for rotting fruit I would read up on it so I went to the library and found a book on Bacteria.

Most bacteria, protozoa and yeasts reproduce asexually by binary fission or budding. When a bacterium reaches full size, or sooner in conditions that are favourable it will divide into smaller cells of bacteria. This is where the interesting patterns will form. I thought it wold be interesting for me to try and grow my own fungus that I can take photographs of and recordings on. To start with a germination of a single spore which produces a single hyphia   . The hyphia branches repeatedly producing a mass of hyphae radiating out in all directions exploiting the substitute. If there is an even distribution of nutrients for example on an agar plate a typical circle cell will develop.

The book I used.

Taylor, J.B. (2001) Miro-organisms and biotechnology. Cheltnam, United Kingdom: Nelson .Thornes.


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