Julie Dodd


Julie Dodd

Julie dodd (2017) Available at: http://juliedodd.moonfruit.com (Accessed: 23 February 2017).

ARTIST STATEMENT (extracted from website)

“I usually work with paper, constructing sculptural pieces from it, printing on it or make books from it. Books and magazines feature heavily in my work but I also recycle other discarded materials to form installations, bringing a new life and meaning to them.

My artwork is based on repetition and is inspired by pattern and shape found in nature. I feel compelled to work in multiples, which I use to mimic life, growth and regeneration. The processes involved in making my work are as important if not more important sometimes than the finished product.

I focus most of my attention on environmental issues and use my art practice as a platform to reflect my concerns of our consumption and environmental responsibility. I often recycle discarded materials to produce a response.”

I am particularly interested in the outcomes she created looking at fungal spores. The 3d work is really impressive and I think it’s great that she has used recycled materials. She has used papers in order to create this fungal design and I find the structure really interesting. To me they remind me of architecture and throughout my design process and this project I want to connect both the man made world and the natural world. I think as an artist / designer now it is important we take into consideration sustainability and waste due to the world we live in and how disposable our lives are. I think artists should use their platforms in order to express this. I really like her artwork as she looks closely at nature and interprets it using her own style. This has given me some inspiration to want to go get my own images and then possibly do some laser cut work and maybe some burning work using materials. Similar to Dodd my designs are inspired by what is around me , I look out on the world I am also interested in patterns and shapes that are found in the natural world. During this project I want to express and contrast the differences between city living and country living by using contrasting shapes and outcomes.

Tree cross section and tree pores, I also find these really interesting and looking at layers and how the layers have created different elements of the pattern.


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