Dan Edwards



We had a lecture in the morning with Dan Edwards he spoke to us about presenting work and how to cost it and thence able to sell it effectively. I found this lecture really helpful. He works as a framer in London and he discussed with us the importance of choosing he right frame to fit the work.

On the 23rd I had a one to one with Dan Edwards I was discussing to him about potential ideas of my final show for exhibition on how to display work. I asked that if I had a fabric outcome what would be the best way to display this. He said either to hang, or to stretch the fabric and use it as a canvas to show the print / surface design. He explained the benefits of doing this and why it would make the work look best. He said the white space would be best used and then showing something in a professional way would achieve the best look.

In the lecture he spoke to us about different wood types, and the importance of the artist choosing he frames as the artist / designer knows what the piece is about and what frame would best represent the piece. He told us about the choice of wood colour and how they can effect the look of a piece. He also talked to us about when framing photographs the type of glass used can effect the image for the viewer. The non reflective glass is sometimes best but this can be costly. He explained that framing is purely used to protect the artist work and present it to the viewer in the bast way possible.

This has really helped me when thinking about saving up so I can afford good materials for however I decide to display my final outcome.




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