Whitworth Art Gallery

Plan to Visit the Whitworth.

I plan on visiting the Whitworth as a starting point for research for my final project as current exhibitions include Deanna Petherbridge. Petherbrigge uses pen and ink and looks at townscapes and architecture. I think this will benefit my project as I want to look at townscapes and focus on shape and then contrast this with more organic forms in order for me to be able to create some designs. On the video I have attached below she explains her media, she uses ink she enjoys the freedom of  ink and that it can’t be rubbed out. Similarly when I paint with watercolours / gouache I like that you can’t rub mistakes away. Personally, I think this adds to the character of a drawing or design. I’m interested in mark making, shape, pattern and reflecting on the world around me and this is why I think Petherbridge’s style and approach will benefit me.

Additionally, at The Whitworth the revolutionary textiles 1910-1939 is being displayed I think this will be really interesting and I may find a source of inspiration  and it will be interesting to learn more about how textiles revolutionised. It will be interesting to look at materials and print and take inspiration from previous textile designers.

Research into Deanna Petherbridge –

Reflection on The Whitworth.

I really enjoyed visiting the Whitworth there was some interesting displays of work. I am thinking more and more about my outcome and wether I want to achieve something that is more 3 dimensional which is based on a textile outcome. I think this type of work excites me more than flat framed pieces as I enjoy stitching, weaving and exploring different materials.


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