The Pitch


My concept is looking at growth, focussing on natural forms and their relationships with man made forms (buildings / townscapes.) I want to explore the contrast in their relationship and create and develop designs from initial drawings and photographs.

I have set up a new Pinterest board on my Pinterest account I find Pinterest a great way of finding inspiration for designs and is always useful starting point. In my pitch I have proposed artists which I will initially look at but as my project moves forward I will explore other designers works. Here are screen shots of my pitch, I started by mind mapping words that come into mind when thinking of ‘growth’.

Tutors gave me feedback and suggestions, to look at Agentha Dyck as she does work using honey comb therefore I am going to research her.

My FAD pinterest board:


Feedback on my Pitch

Quality of Pitch –

Well prepared pitch confidently presented on a PowerPoint. Excellent initial research. Clear direction identified exhibitions in relevance to visit. Clear working process the beginning of development. Lots of potential and broad enough to sustain and earn a good grade.

Initial idea – Growth & Decay , contrasting shapes. Organic & man made. Potential research Ed Weston, Echino textile design , Issey Miake. Visit Whitworth Deanna Petherbridge. Suggested Aganetha Dyck.

Potential materials – Experimental photography, materials , lichen , manipulation and destruction.

Potential outcomes – surface pattern for print.


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